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landscape image of Yosemite National Park in California

The Possibilists

This project is a podcast collaboration with a California-based nonprofit and podcast creator, Pelecanus. Together, we are spotlighting stories directly from people in conservation and climate working with solutions-based efforts to tackle the world’s critical environmental struggles.

The Possibilists’ title is borrowed from Michael Soule, the late pioneering conservation biologist, and his response to a question about whether he was optimistic or pessimistic about the future of our environment. He responded that he is possibilistic. We want to be possibilistic too, and, together with Pelecanus, we’re trying to explore what that means.  Join us as we try to understand what possibilism means for the people whose efforts are ensuring a sustainable future for our planet.


About Pelecanus

Pelecanus is a conservation-based collective in the continuous wonder of the healing and encouragement that is possible on this planet and the people making it happen. We are committed to telling these stories and demonstrating optimism through science. Pelecanus is led by brothers Austin and Taylor Parker.


Episode 10: Anna Rathmann – Jane Goodall Institute

Pelecanus Inc. · The Possibilists: Episode 10 – Anna Rathmann – Jane Goodall Institute


Episode 9: Jonathan Franklin – A Wild Idea

Pelecanus Inc. · The Possibilists – Episode 9: Jonathan Franklin – A Wild Idea


Episode 8: Dr. J. Drew Lanham


Episode 7: Dr. Judy Mann


Episode 6: Dr. Hila Shamon


Episode 5: Peppermint Narwhal


Episode 4: Dr. Rafael Chiaravalloti


Episode 3: Arthur Muneza & Michael Brown of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation


Episode 2: Dr. Jon Paul Rodriguez


Episode 1: Dr. Nancy Knowlton