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Green Event Guide

Greening Your Event

Calling all Earth Optimism events! Let’s work together to reduce waste and continue to foster a culture of sustainability. We are challenging ourselves and all our partners to strive for greener events and Zero Waste if possible. We’ve created an Earth Optimism Green Events Guide: Best Management Practices for Greening Your Event to help you get there.

Reducing waste is something everyone can choose to do now to create positive change for the planet, and collectively our efforts can have tremendous impact! It only takes a little planning to dramatically reduce the amount of landfill trash generated at events. In addition to the Green Events Guide, we have also provided a Waste Data Collection Form to assist in recording the weights of landfill trash, recycling and compost in order to calculate diversion rates and measure your success.

Please share your data with EarthOptimism@si.edu so we can estimate our combined impact and share your experiences and photos at #EarthOptimism. Lets make Green and Zero Waste the new norm and inspire others to join the movement!

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