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Conservation Comics

What is Conservation?

Conservation is the protection and restoration of the environment, wildlife, and ecosystems. Anyone of any age can help with conservation. Some of the most important actions are simple and easy. For example, recycling and picking up litter make a very big difference when lots of people do it. Another one of the most powerful conservation actions that anyone can do is inspiring other people to help. We want you to help inspire others by making a comic strip about successful conservation in your home, your school, your community, or anywhere on the planet. Or, maybe you have a creative idea to share about how to help the environment and wildlife. Maybe you want to express your concerns and hopes for the future. Whatever you decide to share, your message matters!

Writing the comic

Making a difference!

Remember, the most important thing is to tell a story. Making a comic is not always about drawing the most realistic or complicated picture. The important thing when making a comic is telling a story and taking the reader easily from the beginning to the end. Sometimes the simplest drawing is best. Some of the best artists are not the best storytellers while some of the best storytellers may not be great artists. That’s Ok. Just tell the story to the best of your ability. This is not a competition, it’s a chance for you to help conservation by inspiring people with your story and message.

Last but not least, the most important part is to have fun! If you’ve never made a comic, give it a try. If you have made comics before, then maybe you’ll want to use this as a chance to try it in a different way. There is no wrong way to make a comic.

Sample Comic

Technical Instructions for making the comic

Files For Download

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