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Earth Optimism Presents: World Rainforest Day

June 22, 2020

10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST

On June 22nd, Earth Optimism is joining World Rainforest Day to share solutions around rainforest conservation. Hear from recognized leaders like Tom Lovejoy and others as they dive into what's working in rainforest conservation.

To register for this event, click here.

Featured Speakers:

<h3>Thomas Lovejoy</h3>

Thomas Lovejoy

Conservation Biologist, Professor at George Mason University & Senior Fellow, UN Foundation

<h3>Niyanta Spelman</h3>

Niyanta Spelman

CEO, Rainforest Partnership

<h3>Peter Houlihan</h3>

Peter Houlihan

Technical Manager, Rainforest XPRIZE

<h3>Tjalle Borsman</h3>

Tjalle Borsman

Conservation Program Director, Asociación Armonía

<h3>Stuart Dainton</h3>

Stuart Dainton

Head of Trillion Trees, World Wildlife Fund

<h3>Rane Cortez</h3>

Rane Cortez

Conservation Director of the Global Program on Conservation in Partnership with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, The Nature Conservancy

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