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Earth Optimism

The Smithsonian Conservation Common’s Earth Optimism initiative is changing the conservation narrative from one that focuses on problems and perils to highlighting impactful solutions. By celebrating what’s working in conservation we seek to inspire action and move the global community from a sense of loss to one of hope and finding solutions to save our planet.

Earth Optimism engages millions through social media, workshops, webinars, and our annual Summit. Partnerships and scientific collaboration also allow us to change how science is communicated.

We encourage you to join the #EarthOptimism movement and help us move the conservation conversation forward. Together we can make a lasting impact.

Earth Optimism × Folklife Festival: Inspiring Conservation Communities
June 22–26 and June 30–July 4, 2022

“Earth Optimism shows us how to find hope in the face of odds that might seem overwhelming. It reminds us that change happens when we focus on what works—when we collaborate to find solutions and celebrate our successes.”
—Smithsonian Secretary Lonnie Bunch

Earth Optimism × Folklife: Inspiring Conservation Communities invites visitors to explore the possibilities and solutions that address some of our planet’s most significant challenges through new ways of living, learning, and working toward a shared sustainable future.

Earth Optimism is a movement—led by the Smithsonian Conservation Commons, a diverse network of scholars and partners—that focuses on changing the narrative from doom-and-gloom to hope, inspiring action, and mobilizing a global community. The Folklife Festival will bring this celebration of conservation action and planetary possibilities to the National Mall in the summer of 2022.

We invite you to discover solutions and positive change presented by storytellers, community leaders, innovators, scientists, and artists working to create a sustainable planet. Learn how to make an impact on a local-to-global scale through workshops, performances, interactive art installations, film screenings, hands-on educational activities, cooking and gardening demonstrations, sustainable food concessions, and more.

The program will inform, inspire, delight, and most importantly, leave visitors with hope for our planet and ideas of how to get involved with projects around the world and within their own communities.