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Paul Marinari

Senior Curator, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Paul Marinari

Paul brings decades of wildlife conservation experience to SCBI.  He earned a B.A. in biology and anthropology from the University of Delaware in 1987 and a M.S. in zoology and physiology from the University of Wyoming in 1992 from his studies of the endangered black-footed ferret.  Over the last 20 years, he has worked for the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Most notably he was the on-site Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center from 1996 to May of 2012.  As such, he played a major role in linking ex situ breeding initiatives with in situ reintroduction, including working with and bringing together many stakeholders as well as facilitating research.  Paul has conducted collaborative research in reproductive biology, nutrition, genetics, enrichment, vaccine development, pre-reintroduction preparation and monitoring of reintroduced animals. 

In his role within the Center for Species Survival at SCBI, Paul is responsible for overseeing animal operations at the Front Royal facility and working with senior staff to implement the masterplan.  Major responsibilities also include ensuring that the growing animal collection is linked to sustainable population development through research and improved management, especially with the Conservation Centers for Species Survival (C2S2) as well as other zoos, universities, state, federal, and tribal governments. 

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