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Kathleen Gobush

Senior Program Officer and Wildlife Biologist, Vulcan

Kathleen Gobush

Dr. Kathleen S. Gobush has worked toward the protection and recovery of numerous endangered species across the globe for the last 2 decades and joined Vulcan in 2014 as a Senior Program Officer and Wildlife Biologist.  She developed landscape analyses and impact strategies for African elephant and rhino conservation for the company and currently manages a multi-million-dollar portfolio of high quality, results-driven conservation projects.  She co-leads an ambitious anti-poaching technology project, the Domain Awareness System with Vulcan Technology that unites three premiere conservation organizations in Africa.  Kathleen also co-leads the Great Elephant Census Forest Initiative with Wildlife Conservation Society and other research projects.

Before joining Vulcan, Kathleen served as Strategist for Save the Elephants based in Kenya. Prior to that, she was Lead Ecologist of the Hawaiian Monk Seal Survival Enhancement Program for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC) in Hawaii for 5 years. For her doctorate from the University of Washington, she investigated the “Long-term Consequences of Poaching on African Elephant Social Structure, Physiology and Reproduction”, and lived among elephants in one of the most heavily poached areas of Africa. 

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