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Justin Shaifer

Creator of Fascinate

Justin Shaifer

Justin is an odd combination of things. He graduated in May '16 with the highest GPA in his Marine and Environmental Science Program, while also serving as student body president at Hampton University. He is a NOAA and NASA Scholarship Recipient, and paid public speaker. For 1 year, he co-hosted a millennial-focused radio segment, which discussed topics like STEM and politics in laymen's terms. After discovering that a research-based career was not for him, he began fusing his love for emphatic communication with science, as a science communicator. He now volunteers at the Marian Koshland Science Museum in D.C., and is the creator of Fascinate. Fascinate is a YouTube series with short 2-3 minute engaging science videos, with a touch of Justin's personal brand of humor.

He aspires to create revolutionary programs to augment our current educational system. He believes that radical changes in STEM education are necessary to prepare current students for a rapidly changing work environment.

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