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Johanan Dujon

President, Algas Organics

Johanan Dujon

Algas Organics was founded in 2014, against the backdrop of one of the most severe Sargassum seaweed influxes to hit St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean. Founder and managing director Johanan Dujon recognized the opportunity to manage and convert the seaweed into effective, value added organic agricultural products.

By the end of 2014, after extensive experimentation, Johanan successfully formulated the Algas Total Plant Tonic- a natural, seaweed based bio-stimulant that significantly improves plant nutrient uptake efficiency through vigorous root development. The Algas Total Plant Tonic was introduced to the market in August 2015, and is presently sold at all leading retailers island wide in St. Lucia, with testing being carried out as far as West Africa.

The product has been tested by a recognized ISO 9000 laboratory, and holds its own against top international brands based on recent independent research findings.

Algas Organics and the St. Lucia Fisherfolk Cooperative Society Ltd have created a formidable, symbiotic partnership, which aims to remove Sargassum seaweed buildups at fish landings sites, and utilize intellectual property to convert this material into value added products. This initiative was facilitated and funded by the UNDP GEF in St. Lucia, and has since led to the establishment of the Caribbean’s first Sargassum Seaweed Processing Facility, as well as further scientific testing comparing Algas products to international brands.

This partnership has also attracted the support of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), which provides tremendous technical assistance for continuous validation of Algas products.

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