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Tasha Goldberg

Founder, Evidence of Hope

Tasha Goldberg

Tasha Goldberg is a writer and video producer. She has travelled the world reporting at United Nations negotiations and events on the topic of sustainable development over the last decade. Tasha is also an ongoing contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit, focused on the topics of food sustainability and ocean sustainability. 

With a GHG Accountant Certificate from the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Tasha has collaborated with businesses, governmental agencies, elders, scientists, and artists. She has worked with a colorful range of clients such as the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF), the International Trade Center (ITC, a joint agency of United Nations and World Trade Organization), IISD Reporting Services, Ethical Coach, Estee Lauder, Aveda, Neill Corporation, and others.

Tasha has recently founded Evidence of Hope, a series of portraits featuring people and projects from around the world who are addressing global challenges, successfully! Each portrait engages the audience through a positive narrative, presenting what is working and how it is working. Evidence of Hope documents and supports progress that is happening right now, demonstrating the reason we should have hope for a sustainable future.

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