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Shaleen Attre

Co-founder, IndianSnakes

Shaleen Attre

Shaleen Attre is a Co-founder of IndianSnakes, an outfit which is dedicated to snake conservation in India with a focus on snakebites, which claims over 45,000 human and countless snakes' lives in India every year. What started as a website (indiansnakes.org) in 2010, now works pan-India with multiple stakeholders such as communities, scientists, researchers, doctors, herpetologists, NGOs, corporates and governments, actively working on mitigating snakebites and spreading awareness on ecological importance of snakes, identification, snake bites, rescue and rehabilitation. IndianSnakes has also undertaken several innovative projects on research and conservation solutions including establishing emergency WhatsApp hotlines for snakebite and identification, mapping four species of venomous snakes with an app, in the biggest citizen science project in the country for snakes, and creating a mobile application SERPENT which includes a field guide, hospital locator and snake rescuer locator for the public.

Shaleen is a Chevening Scholar with a Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of Delhi and an MSc in Conservation and International Wildlife Trade from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent. She has been involved with animal welfare and conservation issues for the last decade, strategising outreach and communications for conservation challenges in multiple landscapes, and has worked extensively on illegal wildlife trade, while being a part of organisations like TRAFFIC India, WWF-India and Wildlife Trust of India. Shaleen is also a member of the Women in Conservation Canterbury Network which is passionate about inclusion and equality in conservation.

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