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Jessica Deichmann

Research Ecologist, SCBI & Working Land and Seascapes

Jessica Deichmann

As a research scientist with the Smithsonian Institution’s Conservation Biology Institute and the Working Land and Seascapes Initiative, Jessica conducts research addressing questions of species and ecosystem resilience in the face of anthropogenic change. More specifically, her work aims to quantify the impacts of infrastructure development and extractive industries on biodiversity and ecosystem services and to develop mitigation strategies. She has worked with partners in countries across Central and South America as well as in Africa, with a primary focus in Peru and Gabon. Her work employs traditional biodiversity assessment methods combined with innovative tools and technologies and seeks to integrate ecological and biodiversity data with health, social and economic data to design more effective conservation strategies for governments and the private sector. Jessica is also co-founder of the Women in Nature Network, which seeks to strengthen the role of women in conservation and natural resource management around the world. 

Summit Sessions

Parity for the Planet: Women Changemakers in Conservation

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