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Dejah Powell

Regional Organizer for the Midwest, Sunrise Movement

Dejah Powell

Dejah is a youth-climate organizer eager to build a multiracial, cross-class movement to reign in the era of the Green New Deal, a ten-year mobilization plan to address the twin crises of inequality and climate change.
In 2019, Dejah spent the bulk of the year volunteering with the Chicago hub of Sunrise Movement, a youth-led movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Dejah recently started full-time as a Regional Organizer (RO) for the Midwest with Sunrise; the core of her work includes coaching and growing Sunrise hubs in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.  
In addition to her organizing work, Dejah is incredibly passionate about connecting students to urban agriculture. In 2016, she founded Get Them to the Green, an organization whose mission is to foster a love for the environment amongst youth across Chicago's South Side. Dejah, with the support of Gardeneers and the Vanderpoel community, helped bring to life the Vanderpoel School Garden.
Dejah Powell, a Chicago native, holds a BS in Environmental and Sustainability Science with minors in Business and Community Food Systems from Cornell University. 

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