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David Smith

Chief Marine Scientist, Mars Inc.

David Smith

David is the Chief Marine Scientist for Mars In, and a professor of marine biology at the University of Essex UK where he founded and currently directs the Coral Reef Research Unit (CRRU). David holds a PhD in marine biology and is a research scientist with over 20 years’ experience focusing on coral reef biology, ecology and conservation. For the past 15 years he has been the Research Director of Operation Wallacea and more recently the Director of Ocean Health Solutions. David’s primary role at Mars is to lead their coral reef restoration programme and to provide advice on issues related to the sustainable utilisation of marine resources and ocean health. David’s research has focused on coral reefs around the world with the majority of his efforts being focused within Indonesia. Throughout his career he has personally witnessed the long-term demise of coral reef systems and the impacts this has had on local communities. This led him to focus his attention on developing meaningful interventions to reverse the trend of biodiversity loss whilst also safeguarding the future of coral reefs threatened by climate change. He notes that sometimes the numerous problems that earths ecosystems face seem insurmountable but through bringing people together, from different disciplines and backgrounds, its often amazing what can be achieved providing optimism and inspiring all of us to do more and try harder.

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