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Carly R. Muletz Wolz

Robert and Arlene Kogod Secretarial Scholar, Molecular Pathogen Scientist, Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute

Carly R. Muletz Wolz

Dr. Muletz Wolz studies microorganisms in a 'friend and foe' or 'Jekyll and Hyde' context, identifying which microbes cause disease and which microbes protect from disease. Much of her research focuses on deadly diseases of amphibians caused by chytrid fungi and identifying strategies, such as probiotic therapy and predicting susceptibility from lab experiments, to reduce disease outbreaks in wild frog and salamanders. In recent years, she has expanded her research into identifying microbes that impact the health of animals in zoos and species survival facilities, including elephants, wolves and primates, and how we can manipulate microbes to improve animal health.

Summit Sessions

Human Health & Ecosystems

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