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Camron Gorguinpour

Director of Mobility Solutions, ENGIE Impact

Camron Gorguinpour

Camron Gorguinpour is the Director of Mobility Solutions at ENGIE Impact, where he works with public and private sector clients to deliver sustainable, cost effective transformations towards a clean transportation future.

Prior to joining ENGIE Impact, Camron served as Senior Global Manager for Electric Mobility at World Resources Institute (WRI) where he led research efforts on electric mobility, while designing and implementing the organization's global electric vehicle strategy. He also created and consults for Woden, LLC — a technology and business innovation firm. As an appointee within the Administration of President Barack Obama, Camron also created and led the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Program for the U.S. Department of Defense. He subsequently created and led the Office of Transformational Innovation for the U.S. Air Force. Camron also previously created and served as Executive Director for SSOAR, a Berkeley-based science education nonprofit, and he served as Executive Director for Scientists & Engineers for America. He has also worked on multiple political campaigns federal- and state-level candidates.

Camron earned his PhD in Bioengineering and his Bachelor's Degree in Astrophysics & Physics from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a Senior Associate for the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

When he’s not working, Camron and his wife, Sofia, are learning how to be parents. Their infant son, Emiliano, is very cute but also runs their home like a tyrant. He frequently demands food, naps, and the simultaneous attention of both parents. His methods are cruel yet adorable.

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