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Marshall Iliff

eBird, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Marshall Iliff

Marshall Iliff is a lifelong nature lover who grew up in Annapolis, Maryland. After college he worked as a field technician and led professional birdwatching tours around the globe before joining the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to work on eBird in 2007. Since that time, eBird has become an essential resource for birdwatchers, scientists, and conservationists who tap into its free data visualizations and free data downloads. The database now tops 400 million bird observations, representing almost 99% of bird species from every country on Earth. Translated into almost 30 languages, eBird is spanning cultural and linguistic barriers to unite birders worldwide towards a common cause. As eBird looks towards the future, the Macaulay Library is providing rich media resources to combine with eBird's biogeographic information to reenvision the modern field guide via the Merlin app and drive innovation in image recognition. Within the eBird team Marshall is a Project Leader who wears many hats, but has a particular focus on data quality and taxonomy.

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