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2018 Digital Event

#EarthOptimism2018 Digital Event

Below is a summary of our Earth Optimism 2018 digital offerings:

Celebrate Earth Day Week 2018 at #EarthOptimism2018 —A Shared Digital Space for Inspiration and Creativity through Conservation Success Stories!

The inaugural 2017 Earth Optimism Summit in Washington, DC welcomed discussion focused on solutions in conservation—what the best minds, boldest experiments, and most innovative community practices could tell us about how to conserve biodiversity, protect natural resources, and address climate change? Smithsonian’s 2017 event brought together thought leaders, practitioners, pioneering scientists and researchers, environmentalists, artists, civic leaders, industry participants, media, philanthropists, and other conservation-minded citizens.

#EarthOptimism2018: a worldwide digital community storytelling celebration again focused on “what is working” to make positive change happen for humans and nature.

What's happening?

To actively participate in this event, a Twitter account will be required. However, an account is not required to view and follow along. Join us at #EarthOptimism2018.

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