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Sister Events Planning Guide

The Global Earth Optimism Summit, taking place in Washington DC, will feature plenary and guest speakers during Earth Day weekend, April 21-23, 2017. The Summit will occur at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, with concurrent public events taking place at Smithsonian museums on the National Mall, the National Zoo, the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland, and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

The Earth Optimism Summit is a global initiative to showcase the positive stories of improvements in the health of species and ecosystems, along with benefits to human well-being, thanks to our conservation actions across the nation and around the world. We look to you to make Earth Optimism accessible to all who want to participate. We will feature public registered events on our Earth Optimism Summit website.

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Sister Events Options:

Watch Party

What is a Watch Party?

Host or organize a group to watch the Earth Optimism Summit, live or recorded, from your site.

What time should I host my party?

The Earth Optimism Summit will occur over Earth Day weekend, April 21-23, 2017. You may choose to host your party during some or all of the weekend event.

How do I watch the Summit?

The Earth Optimism Summit will be live-streamed via a link on the museum’s website. You may also access the live-stream on Smithsonian’s Facebook page.

Live-streaming should begin at least 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of each session.

Please be advised, technology can be unpredictable, so please plan accordingly. 

Sister Event(s)

What is a Sister Event?

Present a program, exhibit or other event co-branded with Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Summit. Registering your sister event is an opportunity to showcase and highlight the work your institution does to contribute to conservation and sustainability, changing the focus from problem to solution, from a sense of loss to one of hope.

When should I host my sister event?

Your sister event can occur anytime within the Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Summit, which runs from April 21 through April 23, 2017.

What are examples of sister events?

Possible sister events include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Exhibition
  • Public Program
  • Lecture
  • Environmental Film Showing
  • Tour
  • Festival
  • Luncheon or Evening Reception
  • Community Event

Social Media

How do I participate?

Share with us how you are creating a new narrative of hope for our planet by using #EarthOptimism. Post messages, photos, or videos in celebration of the Summit.

Your social media posts can occur any time – during the lead up to the Summit, Earth Day weekend, or any time after.

How can we connect to Earth Optimism social media platforms?

Click below to connect to Earth Optimism:

Why should I register my event?

Registered public events will be pre-screened for possible inclusion in the global directory of events on our website.

What information will appear on the website?

Featured events will include: Event Name, Organization Name, Web Address, Country, City, and State.

Events and activities can occur any time within the Summit year (April 2017 - December 2017) to be acknowledged as part of the campaign.

How do I co-brand my event?

The following logos, taglines, and boilerplate are approved for use to co-brand your watch party, sister event and/or social media involvement.

Logo Usage Standards Guide

Please do not download and use Smithsonian logos without first reading Logo Standards Guide.

When using the Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit logo, you must include the following disclaimer statement:

"The views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this [watch party, program, exhibit, event name] do not necessarily represent those of the Smithsonian Institution."

After reading the Logo Standards Guide, download Earth Optimism logos.

How can we show that our event is aligned with the Earth Optimism campaign?

Make sure you register your event. Registered public events will be pre-screened for possible inclusion in a global directory of events.

Is there a required tagline?

If you are using the logo, you must also use the following tag line on event collateral or web materials:

"This [watch party/event name] is presented in celebration of the Smithsonian Global Earth Optimism Summit."

You may use the following boilerplate language on event collateral or web materials:

"The Smithsonian Global Earth Optimism Summit celebrates a change in focus from problem to solution, from a sense of loss to one of hope, in the dialogue about conservation and sustainability."  

Things to Consider

We encourage you to use the Global Earth Optimism Summit year (April 2017 - December 2017) to highlight the work your organization does to contribute to conservation and sustainability, changing the focus from problem to solution, from a sense of loss to one of hope.

Engage Others
Use this opportunity to collaborate with other organizations in your community. Grow existing relationships and discover new partners. Think about social organizations, civic groups, faith-based and community outreach organizations, schools, etc.

Document the Experience
Document your event from planning through implementation; hire a photographer or take photos/videos to post on social media. Solicit participant feedback via surveys, guest books, and informal interviews; collect anecdotes to use in future publications and promotional materials.

Build Membership
Use your event to increase membership of your institution– and ours!

Public vs. Private Event
Determine whether your event is public or private:​

  • Invitation-only
  • Ticketed
  • Open access

Spread the Word
Use social media and other marketing efforts to promote your event; make sure your local and regional officials (mayor, town council, representatives, senators, funders, etc.) are aware of your efforts.

Determine Your Media Needs
Make sure you have the appropriate media and can stream live video feeds to avoid any technical difficulties at the time of the dedication.


What other resources are available on-line?
Earth Optimism YouTube Channel
Smithsonian Gift Store
Smithsonian Website
Smithsonian Membership
Smithsonian Affiliations


Please send all inquiries to: earthoptimism@si.edu

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