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Rose Whipple

Rose Whipple Headshot (1).JPG

Indigenous Rights Activist

Rose Whipple is a 19 year old indigenous rights activist and water protector, from the Santee Dakota and Ho-Chunk nations.

For the past several years, she has been a leading voice in the fight against the proposed line 3 oil pipeline in Minnesota. In a historic win for young people, Rose was one of 13 Youth Climate Intervenors who gained full legal status in the court case against the pipeline in 2017. Rose and the YCI are now suing the state of Minnesota for their approval of the pipeline. Between court hearings, Rose led many protests, events, gave many speeches, and has rallied thousands of people to her cause.

She recently spoke on behalf of indigenous people at the United Nations Climate Change conference with Greta Thunburg, and other young activists from around the world.

She is now the co-founder of META Liberation for black and brown bodies, a mutual-aid organization that is creating a safe space for BIPOC to heal, organize, and fight back.

Lastly, Rose is a recipient of the 2018 Brower Youth Award, as well as the 2019 Twin Cities Film Festival Changemaker Award for her outstanding work fighting for her land and people.

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