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Nantu Canelos

Nantu Canelos Headshot.jpg

Local Coordinator, Kara Solar

Nantu is the local coordinator of Kara Solar, an electric river transportation system in the Ecuadorian Amazon that is powered by solar energy. Born and raised in Achuar territory, Ecuador, he is the eldest of 11 brothers and sisters. He is 33 years old and is father to four children. He earned his degree as an Environmental Engineer from the Amazonian State University. He joined Kara Solar in 2017. Nantu is member of Sharamentsa, an Achuar community known for innovative projects in sectors such as ecotourism and sustainable agriculture.

Nantu’s vision for his territory is that the forests remain intact and that the Achuar people provide an alternative to the consumerism and extractivism that are accelerating throughout the Amazon. He aspires for his kids to get good educations and learn to discern the actions that humans can take to contribute the the conservation of the environment, using existing technologies to rationally take advantage of renewable energies, to the benefit of the future generations around the world.

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