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Michael Anello

Michael Anello.jpg

Executive Director, Haiti Reforestation Partnership

Michael Anello has lived and worked in Haiti at a local level for ten years. Following a 32-year career as a psychotherapist in Charlottesville, VA, he was drawn to work with rural Haitian communities as they rebuilt their lives after the 2010 earthquake.

In 2018 he joined Haiti Reforestation Partnership, realizing that his skills with people and the trusting relationships with Haitians that he had built would prove valuable. He works now with the 750- person CODEP organization that has planted and nurtured 15 million trees over the past 30 years. He plays a crucial role with the Animators, the CODEP leaders, as they shift away from a faith-based donor relationship with Americans and respond to two imperatives: to lead their community on its long road to improved health and wellbeing and to recognize, leverage, and extend their extraordinary success at reforestation.


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