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Justen Garrity

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Founder and President, Veteran Compost

Justen Garrity is the Founder and President of Veteran Compost, a company focused on hiring veterans and their family members to collect and compost food scraps.

Prior to starting Veteran Compost, Justen served as a Combat Engineer Officer in the US Army. After returning home from a deployment to Iraq, Justen found himself unemployed. So, in 2010 using the money saved up while overseas during his Army career - Veteran Compost was born. The company has grown from one man with a pitchfork to 25+ employees collecting and composting thousands of tons of food scraps every year in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. The compost is then sold to local farmers and gardeners to hep rebuild their soil.

Justen has a Bachelors Degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, an MBA from Penn State, and is a graduate of Airborne and Sapper School. Mr. Garrity is generally considered the best-looking compost professional in the State of Maryland.

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