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Jerome Foster II

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Founder & Executive Director, OneMillionOfUs & Co-Editor-in-Chief, The Climate Reporter

Jerome Foster II is a 17-year-old African-American climate justice activist, high school senior, virtual reality developer, and Harvard graduate environmental law dual-enrollment student. His work as a leader in the youth climate movement has been recognized on the international stage. Jerome has spoken at the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights, met with world leaders, and has helped to pass the Clean Energy DC Act which is one of the most aggressive and comprehensive decarbonization bills being implemented in the nation.

Jerome Foster II is the Founder & Executive Director of OneMillionOfUs, an international youth voting organization that is building a uniting youth coalition between the 5 major youth social movements: gun violence, climate change, immigration reform, gender equality, and racial equality, all working together to educate, energize, and mobilize one million young people to vote in their national elections.

He has created a youth movement to generate a powerful and impactful youth political structure to urge politicians to address the societal struggles of America’s youth. Jerome has spent his life grinding and sacrificing his leisure time to reach his full potential and advocate for climate justice and youth rights. His commitment to galvanizing a new generation of outspoken leaders is very important to him.

Jerome in 10th grade founded a now international youth-led climate-focused news outlet called The Climate Reporter which has writers in 11 countries. Jerome is impacting society and has chosen the path of being an advocate for human and environmental rights; from working for National Geographic as an Icelandic Explorer and being one of the leaders of the Fridays for Future School Strike Movement as the White House Climate Striker to interning for Congressman John Lewis and organizing a 10,000 person climate march in the nation’s capital, Jerome is working to change the world.

Jerome has won the World Series of Entrepreneurship and has been featured in TIME Magazine, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The Washington Post, New York Times, Democracy Now!, The Guardian, Vox, Teen Vogue, Telemundo, ELLE, VICELAND, and other news outlets. He also has been awarded the Amnesty International Ambassadors of Conscience Highest Human Rights Award alongside Greta Thunberg and other youth climate leaders. Jerome has written op-eds on Yes! Magazine, E&E News, UNICEF, been interviewed by Former Vice President Al Gore, and has spoken at the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights.

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