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Garreth Bartholomew


Teens Dream Co Lab Alumnus

Garreth Bartholomew is completing a Gap Year from the University of Virginia, currently focusing on his strong commitment to improving the lives of individuals and communities through action and policy. He has worked extensively in efforts to reduce food waste and promote food security. He was the Founder and President of the Food and Hunger Task Force during his senior year at George C. Marshall High School in Fairfax County, Virginia, conducting and analyzing food audits that resulted in schoolwide reductions in food waste and later organized the “Marshall Rocks” benefit concert that provided nearly 10,000 summer meals for children in the local community. Garreth is also an alumnus of the Teens Dream Co Lab on Zero Hunger and served as an Intern with the Smithsonian Conservation Commons and spearheaded the Smithsonian’s national teen microgrant on conservation issues for Summer 2020. Garreth has been an invited speaker on food related issues for panels at the Smithsonian, local non-profits, and educational institutions. Garreth also has a long history of engaging in political systems since the age of 13. He has worked on political campaigns at all levels of government from Wisconsin and Iowa to Virginia and Alabama. This has provided him with critical knowledge and experience with moving ideas into action, and the crucial role that policy plays in the factors that impact individuals, communities, the environment, and beyond. During his Gap Year, Garreth has continued his involvement in a wide range of food related issues with DC-area non-profits. His work has included reducing food waste through gleaning at farmers markets as well as promoting food security through food pantries and through SNAP outreach coordination. His work has also incorporated other forms of poverty-reduction, such as serving as a volunteer tax preparation to ensure low-income families receive all eligible benefits and returns. Garreth plans to continue his work on improving food security and financial literacy, along with ecological issues in Puerto Rico where he will assist in on-going Hurricane and earthquake rehabilitation

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