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Brian Mandell

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Division Director of Curriculum and Communications, Smithsonian Science Education Center

Brian Mandell, PhD, is the Division Director of Curriculum and Communications for the SSEC. In this role, he provides support and direction for the talented Curriculum and Communication staff in the development of world-class print and digital curricular resources. This work includes our new curriculum, Smithsonian Science for the Classroom, which embeds objects and research from the Smithsonian Institution, is built to current science standards, asks students to design solutions to real-world problems, provides research-based support for common student misconceptions, and seamlessly integrates print and digital resources. He also manages the development of an international program focused on the UN Sustainability Development Goals, titled Smithsonian Science for Global Goals, which promotes the development of civic decision-making skills using evidence in the cultural context of the place in which people inhabit. Smithsonian Science for Global Goals was the 2018 winner of the Smithsonian Education Innovation Award for its path breaking transdisciplinary approach to integrating inquiry-based science education, social and emotional learning, and civic engagement

Prior to joining SSEC, Brian taught middle school science for 13 years in Virginia and Maine. In his free time, he is an adjunct professor at George Mason University teaching classes that focus on curriculum and instruction, learning theory, and instructional design. Brian earned his PhD in Educational Psychology with a secondary emphasis in Instructional Design from George Mason University in 2013. Brian also has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the University of Delaware and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Southern Maine.

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