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Photo credit: Elisa Dahlberg / USFWS

What is Earth Optimism?

The Earth Optimism initiative is changing the conservation narrative from one that focuses on problems and perils to highlighting impactful solutions. By celebrating what’s working in conservation we seek to inspire action and move the global community from a sense of loss to one of hope and finding solutions to save our planet.

Earth Optimism engages millions through social media, workshops, webinars, and our annual Summit. Partnerships and scientific collaboration also allow us to change how science is communicated.

We encourage you to join the #EarthOptimism movement and help us move the conservation conversation forward. Together we can make a lasting impact.

How we are changing the narrative:

Globally, billions of dollars are aimed at adapting, mitigating, offsetting, and recovering from environmental damage caused by human impacts. However, too often these approaches are undertaken without robust backing from evidence-based science. Similarly, scientists are perennially challenged by the lack of opportunity to translate their work into conservation action and conservationists are increasingly frustrated by the lack of accessible scientific information to inform decisions and interventions.

While science is critical to informing lasting solutions, solving major conservation problems requires moving beyond the status quo by bridging efforts across the sciences, arts, and humanities, and engaging communities in the process to ensure equitable and ethical conservation.

The Smithsonian, with its diverse, deeply-rooted expertise and unparalleled outreach impact, is uniquely positioned to transform human attitudes and forge lasting solutions that address global conservation targets for the benefit of people and nature.




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General Information about Earth Optimism
Email: earthoptimism@si.edu