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2020 Earth Optimism Digital Summit

The EO 2020 event – which took place entirely digitally – ran for 102 hours across five days, with re-broadcasts to accommodate different time-zones. The format roughly mimicked a live meeting by convening a TV-format “Live Feed” with more than 100 “plenary” speakers,
an Earth Day “film night” with more than 200 short-form films, viewed by more than 56,000 in 171 countries. Deep Dive webinar sessions were hosted by dozens of SI staff and partners, which were attended by more than 2,000 people. Seven US Embassies abroad hosted “Corridor Conversations” for nearly 1,000 people.


Melanie A. Adams – Director of the Anacostia Community Museum

Kunlé Adeyemi – Founder/Principal of NLÉ

Adm. Thad W. Allen – U.S. Coast Guard (retired)

His Excellency Majid Al Mansouri – Managing Director, International Fund for Houbara Conservation

Victoria Alonsoperez – Founder, Chipsafer

José Andrés – Chef & Humanitarian

Michael Anello – Executive Director, Haiti Reforestation Partnership

David Antonioli – Chief Executive Officer, Verra

Garreth Bartholomew – Teens Dream Co Lab Alumnus

Jérémy Bouyer – Medical Entomologist, Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture (NAFA)

Lonnie G. Bunch III – Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution

Paul Bunje – Co-Founder & COO/CSO, Conservation X Labs

Rhett Butler – Founder and CEO of Mongabay

Peter Byck – Professor of Practice, Arizona State University

Nantu Canelos – Local Coordinator, Kara Solar

Sean B. Carroll – Department of Science Education of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Christopher Chapman – Senior Program Officer, Verra

Faye Christoforo – Co-Director and Director of Campus Coordination, PLAN

Leslie Cockburn – Award-winning journalist, author and filmmaker

Iyanu Corniel – Strategic Partnerships Coordinator, PLAN

Alex Dehgan – CEO & Co-Founder, Conservation X Labs

Purnima Devi Barman – Conservation Biologist, Aaranyak

Cristina Eisenberg – Graduate Faculty, Oregon State University, College of Forestry

Ashley Emerson – Program Director, Health In Harmony

Julian Fennessy – Director, Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF)

Fionn Ferreira – Student Scientist, Engineer and Sustainability advocate

Christiana Figueres – Former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Jonathan Foley – Executive Director of Project Drawdown

Jerome Foster II – Founder & Executive Director, OneMillionOfUs & Co-Editor-in-Chief, The Climate Reporter

Justen Garrity – Founder and President, Veteran Compost

Josh Goldstein – Director, Bridge Collaborative

Dominique Gonçalves – Ecologist, Gorongosa Project

Camron Gorguinpour – Senior Global Manager for Electric Vehicles, World Resources Institute

Ariel Gratch – Assistant Professor of Communication and Media, Utica College

Mary Hagedorn – Senior Research Scientist, the Smithsonian Institution & Director, Reef Recovery Initiative

Denis Hayes – President of the Bullitt Foundation

Katharine Hayhoe – Director of the Climate Science Center, Texas Tech University

Leela Hazzah – Executive Director and Cofounder of Lion Guardians

Sam Hoffer – Director of Verra Programs

Bob Inglis – Executive Director, republicEn.org

Alice K. Jackson – President of Xcel Energy – Colorado

Amy Johnson – Program Director of Virginia Working Landscapes at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Kirk Johnson – Sant Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Logan Kistler – Curator of Archaeology, Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History

Ronald A. Klain – Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Revolution LLC

David Kline – Staff Scientist, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Gary Krupnick – Head of the Plant Conservation Unit, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Harriet Anderson Langford – Founder and President of The Ray

Christina Larson – Global Science & Environment Correspondent, Associated Press

Julia Lohmann – Founder, The Department of Seaweed

Lúcia G. Lohmann – Executive Director, Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation

Thomas Lovejoy – Conservation Biologist

Evan Lutz – CEO & Co-Founder, Hungry Harvest

Brian Mandell – Division Director of Curriculum and Communications, Smithsonian Science Education Center

Jamie Margolin – Founder & Co-Executive Director, Zero Hour

Charlotte McCurdy – Designer

Peter McGrath – Coordinator, TWAS Science and Diplomacy Initiative

Bill McKibben – Author, Environmentalist and Activist

Rodrigo Medellín – Senior Professor of Ecology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Kira Mileham – Species Survival Commission Director of Strategic Partnerships, IUCN

Cristina Mittermeier – Co-Founder & Managing Director, SeaLegacy

Steven Monfort – John and Adrienne Mars director of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

Bruno Monteferri – Director of Conservamos.org/SPDA

Kristin Gilliss Moyer – Senior Investments Partner, Mulago Foundation

Fred Nelson – Executive Director, Maliasili

Tia Nelson – Climate Change Program Director, Outrider Foundation

Carol O’Donnell – Director, Smithsonian Science Education Center

Sanjana Paul – Co-founder and Executive Director, Earth Hacks

Tim Popa – Communications Director, NBW

Varshini Prakash – Executive Director & Co-Founder, Sunrise

Queen Quet – Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation

Mary Robinson – Former President of Ireland and Former High Commissioner for Human Rights

Philip K. Ryan – Member, Board of Directors, Swiss Re Ltd.

Mateus Kambale Sahani – Epicentre/MSF

Enric Sala– National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and Founder, Pristine Seas

Igor Salazar – Senior Vice President – South America Hunt Oil Company

Cristián Samper – President & Chief Executive Officer, Wildlife Conservation Society

Libby Schaaf – Mayor, Oakland California

Justin J. Shaifer – Founder and Executive Director of Fascinate Inc.

Vandana Shiva – Seed, Food and Environmental Scientist

Sabrina Sholts – Curator of Biological Anthropology, Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History

Leslie Silverglide – Co-founder + CEO of MIXT

Carlos Souza – Remote Sensing Scientist and Associate Researcher at Imazon

Jared Stabach – Ecologist and Program Coordinator, Smithsonian’s Movement of Life

Tambra Raye Stevenson – Founder and CEO, WANDA: Women Advancing Nutrition Dietetics and Agriculture

Ellen R. Stofan – John and Adrienne Mars Director, National Air and Space Museum

Will Stolzenburg – Independent Wildlife Journalist

Tristram Stuart – Founder, Feedback and Toast Ale Ltd.

Fred Swaniker – Founder and CEO, African Leadership Group

Rocky Sanchez Tirona – Vice-President for the Philippines and the Pacific Islands, Rare

Brooke Tully – Behavior Change Marketer

Fred Tutman – Patuxent Riverkeeper

Merissa Underwood – Miss Montana 2020

Oliver Utne – Founder, Kara Solar

Sam Van Aken – Artist and Associate Professor, Syracuse University

Maria Teresa Vargas – Executive Director of Fundación Natura Bolivia

Danni Washington – TV Host & Science Communicator

James Watson – USAID Diplomat in Residence, Morehouse College

Bill Weir – CNN Anchor & Chief Climate Correspondent

Rose Whipple – Indigenous Rights Activist

Matt Willey – Artist/Founder, The Good of the Hive

Kimberly Winter – NatureWatch National Program Manager, U.S. Forest Service

Ali Velshi – MSNBC Anchor

Tashka Yawanawá – Chief of the Yawanawá people in Acre, Brazil


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