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Earth Optimism is changing the conversation to spotlight the bright ideas, successful solutions, and passionate people working to protect our planet.

A wall of optimistic messages from an Earth Optimism Summit.

Thanks for joining us at the Earth Optimism x Folklife Festival!

This summer, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival invited us onto the National Mall to highlight solutions to some of our planet’s most significant challenges through new ways of living, learning, and working toward a shared sustainable future.

Relive your favorite moments

5 Years of Earth Optimism

The inaugural Earth Optimism Summit was held 5 years ago this April. Revisit the conversations and inspiration from our past summits as we look forward to this milestone.


What is Earth Optimism?

Together, we can shift the focus from doom and gloom to hope and possibility by:

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Enhancing human attitudes towards nature and conservation
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Showing the value local community involvement with conservation
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Highlighting how we can protect and maintain sustainable landscapes and seascapes
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Shining a spotlight on the successful conservation of imperiled species
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Empowering the next generation of science communicators, leaders, and researchers

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