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Changing the conservation conversation from doom and gloom to optimism and opportunity

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What's Working in Conservation

A multiplatform meeting of minds hosted by the Smithsonian and its global partners

Join us online or host your own event.

Earth Optimism 2018 Online

#EarthOptimism2018 on Social Media

Join people around the world on Twitter and other social media to celebrate Earth Day with conservation success stories. #EarthOptimism2018 is a digital event that will allow people from all backgrounds and all parts of the globe to come together around the theme of conservation success. Using social media, with Twitter as the spotlight, this online event will allow stories about what is working to be shared by scientists, conservation practitioners, students and the general public. Everyone will be able to learn why positive change happens and how to scale it up and replicate it. There will be scheduled speakers and designated times for moderated discussions as well as unscheduled contributions and open dialogue. The aim is to have everyone be able to learn from, explore, and engage in a captivating, story-telling event that highlights what has been and is being done today to help make our world a better place. Be inspired and empowered - all with a minimal carbon footprint!

To actively participate in this event, a Twitter account will be required. However, an account is not required to view and follow along. Join us at #EarthOptimism2018.

More details and guidelines coming soon.

#EarthOptimism2018 Free Online Workshop

Get involved before the event! Join the Smithsonian, our partners, and conservation enthusiasts around the world for a one-week online workshop leading up to the event. Hosted on edX.org, the workshop will feature global conservation success stories and give participants new perspectives on how they can take action.  

2018 Sister Events

Earth Optimism is part of a growing, global movement. We are changing the conversation from gloom and doom and building a global Community of Practice around Earth Optimism: What is working in conservation, why, and how do we replicate and scale up best practices and good ideas.

We invite you to host a sister event this earth day weekend focusing on positive conservation stories centered around #EarthOptimism. To host a Sister Event, please check out our Planning Guide for information, resources, and register your event so it can be featured on our website.